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Monday, April 25, 2011

Are AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz Back Together?

AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz can't seem to quit each other! These two have been on-again, off-again over the last few months and after they were spotted laughing and smiling at LAX this week, it seems as though they're an item again.

The two were seen making their way through LAX together on Tuesday night and headed to Vancouver, where Lutz is filming Breaking Dawn with the rest of the Twilight cast. "They were playful with each other," a witness said (vis Us magazine). "Laughing and smiling at everything!"

The 90210 actress and her Twilight hunk called it quits in the fall of 2010, but were seen together at a hotel a few weeks later, and then they embraced for the cameras at a party not long after that. So, perhaps they never split at all! 

Even if these two are really back together, they probably won't talk much about their relationship. They never have. Kellan's most revealing interview about his then-girlfriend gave little insight into their relationship: "I've known her for six years, and we met again on the set [of 90210], but we shot Abercrombie [catalogs] way back in the day," he said in late 2009. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Was NOT Doing Drugs at Coachella

First it was the naked photo scandal, and now Vanessa Hudgens is under fire for being a druggie at Coachella this weekend. But, she's not -- it's just a sweet tooth, her rep says.

At the hippie fest, Hudgens was photographed reaching into a bag and licking conspicuous white stuff off her fingers, which everyone concluded was a certain substance. Drugs are almost as ubiquitous as ethereal flowy skirts and '60s jewelry at the music festival, but cocaine for Hudgens? Not so much. Try melted white chocolate, her rep told E!.

There's one constant amidst Hudgens' scandals: she's got a boy to back her up! New beau Josh Hutcherson, who took in the weekend's performances by her side, is filling ex Zac Efron's shoes very well by supporting her...and trying to look like a hipster himself.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reese Witherspoon: Robert Pattinson Fans are 'Very Dedicated'

Reese Witherspoon definitely felt like second fiddle to Water for Elephants co-star Robert Pattinson last night at the film's New York City premiere. The fans go absolutely nuts for the Twilight actor, and Reese is more like the "consolation prize," as she says.

Reese stars alongside the Twilight actor in the new movie and when they both showed up at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City, she said she could tell the hoards of fans weren't exactly waiting for her. She said: “Rob’s fans are very dedicated to him and they will turn out anywhere for him. I think I’m just the consolation prize for them!”

Even though the screaming teenage girls are there to see the handsome actor, Reese still thinks it's important to interact with fans. She said: "I think it's incredible because as movie actors we sort of work isolated and we don't get to see fans as often, so it's a nice experience to actually get to meet some of them and know they're excited for the film."

Luckily for fans, Rob made it to NYC just in time for the premiere after having to fly from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn set in Vancouver, Canada to get there. He said at the premiere: "It was a mad rush to get here.”

Other stars to attend the premiere included Robert and Reese’s fellow co-stars Christoph Waltz and Hal Holbrook

Monday, April 18, 2011

Whitney Port: High Heels Make Me Feel 'Sexy' and 'Skinny'

If Whitney Port needs a bit of a confidence boost, all she needs to do is slip on a pair of heels and she's instantly back to feelings "sexy." Easy as that!

She said: “Slipping on a pair of stilettos instantly makes me feel sexy, skinny and tall. I always try and break them in by walking around in them at home and I’ll scuff the soles so I don’t slip. Buy gel insoles too – they saved the day at my sister’s wedding.”

The former City also says she looks for statement pieces to spice up her outfits when she needs a little extra pizazz. She explained: “I love gold or silver hoop earrings, but the goal is to find one ‘wow’ piece that will work with a multitude of different outfits. I often wrap a gold or silver necklace around my wrist as a boho bracelet.”

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jennifer Lawrence Dresses Down for New 'GQ' Pictures

Coming off an Oscar nomination for Winter's Bone, Jennifer Lawrence is a hot commodity. She just recently beat out some A-list competition for the lead role in the upcoming Hunger Games movie, and in the new issue of GQ, she proves she can look as hot as any 20-something actress out there.

Jennifer's sexy GQ poses come as the young actress prepares to take over theaters this summer. She'll appear alongside Mel Gibson in The Beaver, which will likely lead a very short box office life in May, and (more importantly) she plays Mystique in X-Men: First Class, which comes out June 3.

X-Men director Matthew Vaughn saw fit to use a little off-color language while talking up the burgeoning star in GQ.

"There are a lot of young American actors right now who haven't got any technique," he said. "And to be blunt, a lot of these kids assume that just by having a good set of teeth and tits, smiling for the camera's gonna be enough. I needed someone who could act."

KeSha Protests Against Seal Hunt

 The "Take It Off" singer features in an advert for animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to bring attention to the annual slaughter of the baby mammals on the ice floes of Canada for their pelts.In the print ad, a picture of the 24-year-old pop star can be seen along with an image of a seal pup accompanied by the slogan "Canada's Club Scene Sucks".

PETA intends to display the poster at various music festivals and at Ke$ha's concerts to draw attention to the hunting of the animals.The organization also wants the singer's fans to write protest letters to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper urging him to ban seal hunting.

Ke$ha has spoken out about her feelings on the "archaic" practice and admits she fell in love with aquatic mammals after seeing them in the wild.She said, "I was lucky enough to get to watch a bunch of wild seals recently and truly fell in love with these amazing creatures."

"Canada gets to be host to harp seals each year during their migration to the ice to give birth which is beautiful and peaceful. But because the babies' fur is so soft, there are people who club and brutally kill these young animals. The Canadian seal slaughter is barbaric and archaic."

The hunt takes place every year during the birthing season and sees thousands of the animals killed before they are a month old. A limit on how many animals can be killed is set by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robert Pattinson Was Not Sexy While Filming 'Water for Elephants' Love Scenes

Robert Pattinson commands the lust and admiration of girls around the world, but Reese Witherspoon says her love scenes with the British actor in Water for Elephants left her disappointed. That's because Rob was apparently suffering from the most disgusting cold ever during the shoot.

“Rob possibly had the most hideous horrible cold of any co-star I’ve ever had to do a love scene with ever in my entire life," Reese told "I’m going to say it’s a little bit of a downer. I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t sexy.

“He was literally snorting and snotting through every second of it – and it was not appealing. I’m talking green, infectious, disgusting – I’m not kidding!”

Their unfortunate timing aside, Rob has had nothing but good things to say about filming the movie, especially since it doesn't involve loads of make-up and yellow contact lenses.

“It’s nice to be able to actually touch your face without thinking you’re going to get a huge smudge mark over it," he said. "Not having a big kabuki mask on and contacts lenses for ‘Water for Elephants’ was a totally different experience.”

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gael Garcia Bernal Welcomes a Daughter!

It's a girl for Motorcycle Diaries star Gael Garcia Bernal and Argentine actress Dolores Fonzi. The couple welcomed their second child, baby Libertad, and the actor announced the good news on his Twitter page.

"We share with you that our daughter was born. Libertad, her name. Libertad!" Bernal, who once dated Natalie Portman, wrote (via Us magazine). "After the best week of my life -- it just keeps getting better -- I thank you infinitely for your congratulations."

The couple already has a 2-year-old son named Lazaro.Congrats to the happy family!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Key to Body Confidence

Jennifer Lopez is smokin' hot at 41. The mom of 2 still flaunts her midriff, wears dresses as tight as Kim Kardashian's and even higher heels, and is an overall bombshell -- but, she doesn't always feel that way. The singer says it's easy for her, and women in general, to forget their self-worth so she has a few tricks of her own to keep feeling good about herself.

She said: “I know it’s hard for women to tap into that feeling of self-worth. We need to get the message out that you are valued, you are a goddess and don’t forget that. It’s about stopping those thoughts of negativity and insecurity. I think changing that and really recognizing yourself triggers control of how you feel, so you’re able to go, ‘No, I’m awesome man, I’m amazing, there’s nobody like me.’ I think that’s the big secret to body confidence.”

Despite her positive outlook, Jennifer admits she can’t help but worry about negative opinions and responses to her work. She told Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine: “It’s easy to let negative stuff get to you. I’m no different to anybody else. If I’m performing for 200,000 people and there’s one person near the front row who’s not enjoying themselves, it’ll be that one person who’s going to bother me. That’s why it’s important to remember you’re special, so those messages register more than the few negative ones.”

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Johnny Depp Calls Penelope Cruz a 'Loyal and True Friend'

Johnny Depp only had nice things to say about his dear friend Penelope Cruz while she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. The actor called her a "loyal and true friend" and "phenomenal mommy" during his speech at the ceremony. Aww!

The actor said about his Blow co-star (via "She's an inconceivably phenomenal mommy, which I've witnessed firsthand, and it's pretty incredible. She's as loyal and true a friend as anyone could ever dream of and I'm very privileged to be able to have her in my life."

The friendly feelings are mutual. Penelope thanked her actor pal in her acceptance speech. "I came to Los Angeles for the first time in 1994. I spoke no English. I only knew how to say two sentences: One was, 'How are you?' The other was, 'I want to work with Johnny Depp,' " she said. "In the last 10 years I've worked with him twice, and that has improved my English."

Penelope gave birth to her first child in January, and hubby Javier Bardem was also present at the unveiling Friday to support his gal. She's the first Spanish-born actress to get her own star and thanked her family in her speech, "and of course my wonderful husband and my son for making me so happy every day" she said.

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Rekindling?

Is Miss Miley Cyrus off the market again? The actress has reportedly rekindled her relationship -- or at least is making an attempt at it -- with ex flame Liam Hemsworth. A source told E!: "They've been hanging out a lot. They've been trying to do it away from the cameras."

Apparently the two have realized they still have some unresolved feelings for each other and want to give their romance another go. Just recently, Miley announced that she is "not single." Now we get why!

Miley has been entertaining love with another hot Aussie -- her So Undercover co-star Joshua Bowman, with whom she was "inseparable" at the flick's wrap party, but there's only room for one Australian lover!

She told an Australian radio show: "I don't want to cross out the Australian boys but I may or may not be single ... I love Australian boys though obviously. Liam and I are very close, I'm not going to comment too much, but you guys don't have to worry about that ... I'm definitely not coming to Australia single."

Sounds like she might be trying to sort out her romantic feelings, but one thing seems certain: she won't be flying solo anytime soon!