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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Too Cute: Selena Gomez Wears Justin Bieber's Purple Plaid Shirt in London

Selena Gomez must be missing her man! The starlet was spotted in London Friday wearing Justin Bieber's purple plaid shirt while holding a fluffy white teddy bear. Awww.

The singers were together a few weeks ago for Selena's Monte Carlo movie premiere in NYC, and during the trip he was spotted wearing the purple button down. It's clearly found a new home since.

The two parted ways after their early July reunion and Selena's been super busy promoting her movie and new album in the UK since then, while Justin's been all over the place too. He recently partied with Usher to celebrate the anniversary of "One Time," and has been showing up at malls to advertise his new fragrance, Someday. This weekend, he's camping! 


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