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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kate Middleton Dazzles At First Military Event as Duchess

Kate Middleton has been duchess for almost two months now, and she has yet to disappoint. She's beautiful and charming and practically perfect in every way! Today was no different when she turned on the charm with her hubby Prince William to honor the Irish Guards in London on Armed Forces Day.

As usual, the new duchess was dressed perfectly for the occasion. She wore a blue coat dress with matching shoes, and a stylish fascinator (she could give Princess Beatrice a few tips in the hat department) and flashed her giant smile as she met with servicemen and the families of fallen guardsmen today.

Kate was said to have spent twice the amount of scheduled time talking with the guardsmen, and was happy to participate in an event so "close to her husband's heart," said a royal aide.

This was Will's first event as the Colonel-in-Chief of the Irish guards, an honor he received in February, and the couple took the time to speak personally to each of the 60 members today.


Paul Mendoza said...

I beg to differ, to be honest with you; she has disappointed because she turned her back on her own for a life of royal elitism and snobbery. In short, she's not on of us anymore. She made that very clear when she got herself into this mess.

And "practically perfect in every way?" A people-hater like her is NOT perfect. And worse, the media elites are treating her like she is; they're sill obsessed with her even now, and she doesn't even deserve the praise!

I predicted that this marriage would fall apart in three months, and I still hold that prediction. Whatever happens to her as a result of this, well, she'll have it coming because of what she did to her own.

If anyone's interested in a take on the Royal Wedding that isn't colored by media elitism, I have it here:

Cyn P. said...

Wow! Awesome! She looks great in that!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and classy! And she has SUCH style...

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