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Monday, May 16, 2011

Shock of the Day: Kristen Stewart Thinks Vampires Are 'Sexy'

Kristen Stewart had better think vampires are sexy, you know, since she's dating the sexiest vampire of them all, Robert Pattinson. Okay, so we know RPattz isn't really a vampire, but KStew fell for her man while he was playing one, so it totally counts...

The actress has never admitted that she's dating her co-star, but she did admit she thinks vamps are way hot -- meaning Rob's way hot, right? She said: “Vampires are very sexy. I think it’s because they’re meant to draw you in just to the point where they can then kill you. It’s like a forbidden fruit. If it’s something you can’t have, then naturally you just want it more. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to the role of Bella in Twilight.”

But, Kristen threw a wrench in our Robert = vampire association when she said she wouldn't want to meet a vampire in real life. She added: “I wouldn’t like to be confronted by a real vampire, though, as they can read your mind!”


Anonymous said...

She looks great in that dress! I actually love them together and can't wait for the next movie! :)

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