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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton Return from 10-Day Honeymoon in Paradise

Alas, Prince William and Kate Middleton are back in the real world after spending their 10-day honeymoon in the exotic island nation of Seychelles. 

William and Kate "thoroughly enjoyed their time together, and they are grateful to the Seychelles government for their assistance in making the honeymoon such a memorable and special 10 days," a statement released by the palace read (via 

"Memorable" probably only begins to describe it. The newlyweds were treated like royalty (er, even more so than usual...) after being helicoptered to a private island where they were put up in a secluded, oceanfront villa for their stay. Few details about the exact accommodations have been released, but we're sure their trip was straight out of a fairytale, kind of like their wedding.

Now that these two are back in London, Prince William will return to work as a search and rescue helicopter pilot while Kate presumably gets used to being a duchess and prepares for some big royal shindigs. Queen Elizabeth's 85th birthday celebration is in June, as is Prince Philip's 90th birthday party. 


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