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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amanda Seyfried Loves a Good Dirty Joke and Gary Oldman on Set

If you want to get a giggle out of Amanda Seyfried, don't be afraid to go blue.The Red Riding Hood actress admits she has a “sick” sense of humour and is rarely shocked by dirty jokes.

She said: “I think it comes from the morbid sense of humor my sister has. I love sick jokes. I can’t tell you, but what I will say is that nothing shocks me. Really nothing. Gross things make me laugh like a 12-year-old. Penis jokes make me laugh.”

However, Amanda admits she hasn’t always been so flippant and easygoing about sex and rude jokes because of her conservative childhood.

The 25-year-old blonde told Marie Claire magazine: “Sex was meant to be a scary thing. Because of AIDS and pregnancy, we were constantly taught to stay away from it. Schools, videos, abstinence … It was just made out to be this very scary thing. My parents aren’t very religious anyway, so that wasn’t part of it. I think it was just the society where I grew up which made me look at it wrong. Also there were a lot of girls who got pregnant at school so that was terrifying.”


Jenny said...

She and I shared the same views about sex growing up. Although my thoughts on it have changed. I still laugh at how in high school the teachers wanted to scare us by sharing all kinds of things about aids and other things you could get.

bung said...

nice info,,,thank you

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