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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Twilight' Stocking Stuffer Idea: Eclipse Fragrance Set

The holidays are nearly upon us, and you can bet retailers are pulling out all the stops to make sure Twi-hards have a diverse assortment of gift options to ask for this Christmas.

The latest: Twilight-themed fragrance sets from UK retailer Boots. One set, priced at £17, features Bella Scented Body Mist, Bella Shimmer Body lotion and Bella Lip Gloss, replete with an Eclipse-themed cosmetic bag. One eager fan gushed in a review, "What can I say? I love it, now I can small [sic] like Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) all the time." Another, £12, features Bella Shiimmer Body Lotion, Bella Shower Gel and Bella Scented Body Mist.

How many devoted fans are going to pay for shipping from the UK this holiday season?


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